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Quadric offers competent and real-time management solutions to various industries facing hardships during the regular work processes. Here are some of the recent case studies for a clearer insight.


Quadric Serves a Wide Range of Industries

Quadric For Construction



Tally, organise and update your daily construction site information with just a few clicks. Paperwork is a thing of the past now. Working with Quadric will reduce manpower to nil as all updates of your construction sites, construction material, status of a particular portion of a particular project with real-time visual support are available in the app. Reports can be made on a daily basis without dealing with spreadsheets and paper forms. While information updates are constantly made, access them through your terminals from any corner of the world. And only with proper authentication can the software’s data be tampered with. Managing your construction business, reviewing statistics and affecting it in real-time is now paper-free, cost and time effective and hassle-free to hire manpower.

Quadric For Engineering



Audits, inspections, data collection and verification, construction measurements are not a fuss anymore for engineers. Quadric is here to make an engineer’s life way more easier with no paperwork which is difficult to handle and make use of. Tracking on-field data, being updated with all your construction plans, development and progress reports, checking and tallying regular progress with detailed growth statistics are some of the major advantages of working with Quadric. It is an all-rounder application that updates its detailed data analysis as and when new data is input. Also, without proper authentication procedures the incoming data won’t be able to affect the already running analysis. The best part of working with Quadric is analysis of new data akin to organisational growth.

Quadric For Manufacturing



Manufacturing is a multi-faceted business. There are very many factors that hinder the growth of a manufacturing industry which are not always considered. The first is allocating manpower. Manpower should always be allocated in accordance with its demand. Due to lack of authentic data, extra manpower always leads to increased production costs. The second cost is that of resources or raw materials. Judicious deployment, management and buying of raw materials is a prerequisite to success in manufacturing businesses. Inventory is another expensive part of this business. The last hidden cost is that of transport. Quadric provides you with the best resource allocation programs characterised with minimal manpower usage, reduced transport costs and profit maximisation.

Quadric For Mining



Every inch of progress of mining industries depends on logs of on-field data, operational details of mining, digging and drilling statistics, soil status and ground-water level information, areas to be affected for the operations an so on. Without real time updates, a mining industry cannot thrive for each operation involves massive investments and losses incurred are too hard to recover. Also, the faster the managerial and administrative decisions are made, the easier and smoother the operations become. With Quadric, remotely observe the geographical condition of the mining locations, effects of large-scale mining on the nearby communities, the regular drilling and digging progress levels and also cater to your employees better with the software’s extensive statistics.

Quadric For Natural Resources

Natural Resources


The Natural Resources Development Programmes have stumbled upon a massive milestone. Now managing, discovering and maintaining natural resources are no longer tasks requiring huge manpower and heavy paperwork, thanks to Quadric. Identifying and demarcating the pockets of mineral-rich areas, which are spread all over a region is one of the major important tasks. Also, understanding the specificity of each region and thereby deciding on the required manpower. In addition, Quadric records on-field data in real-time from various teams so that progress reports can be checked, verified and all operations run smoothly with cost and time effectiveness. Finally, its ability to calculate transport costs of mineral resources makes way for judicious use of time and money.

Quadric For Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas


In very few industries tracking and working field level data is the cornerstone and root to its sustenance and development. Oil industry is one of them. Monitoring oil fields and collecting real-time field level data is crucial to the development and regulation of the day to day functioning of an oil and gas corporation. Faster the process of data transmission and updation, the easier your managerial and administrative decisions become. Quadric, with its advanced features, is a versatile tool at hand for oil and gas companies. It is not only an expert on collecting all the necessary data, it also provides instant research results based on meticulous logical analyses. Remotely watching your oil stations, checking their progress and inspecting their work at every level has never been easier.

Quadric For Software



Large multinationals and corporations provide end to end solutions and take on huge public service projects. Such projects not only require softwares that work on these projects, but they base extensively and primarily on authentic field level data. Such corporations intimately rely on various GIS surveys, manual surveys, governmental data and sift through that data to produce a concrete research analysis. The data analysis is therefore key to such projects. But acquiring this data is not only extremely expensive, but time consuming as well. With Quadric, you can ensure the authenticity of the real-time field level data. When a software completes every kind of survey for you, collects all the required data from every possible field, it enhances your research and solution finding mechanism.

Quadric For Telecom



Telecom companies have wished the desire for a versatile software like Quadric for long. With this tremendously vast networked space teeming with billions of consumers, extensive data analysis and stringent data mapping is the first step to success. Setup and construction of new transmission towers in the required places and locating the same has become extremely easy with Quadric. Strategising along the lines of requirement, specificity, cost-effectiveness and a smooth decision making process are the main reasons to use this software. A strong analytical tool like Quadric analyses market trends with equal focus on issues such as connectivity, bandwidth allocation, coverage area and so on. It proves to be of utmost importance for a telecom company to grow vigorously.

Quadric For Electric Utility

Electric Utilities


Energy organisations are awaiting a gold mine. Owing to regular performance checks, surveys and an ever-increasing upscale, Quadric is a boon for all such organisations. Utility graphs, geographical area coverage and its updated statistics, utility inspection are all vehement features of the software. With upgraded analysis, not only it makes way for efficient resource allocation, it also provides you with detailed information of the various fault lines, tower establishment issues and so on. With GPS enabled features, you can rest assured that the entire reach of your organisation can be observed and scrutinised sitting in your office room. Less manpower, judicious resource allocation and cost and time effectivity will help you decrease your production costs to a large extent.

Quadric For Solar



We are all striving towards a cleaner world devoid of pollution and global warming. Harnessing solar energy is the first step to that. Due to Quadric, locating perfect geographical areas to install solar panels have become easier than ever! With vigorous data mapping, the software provides you with an all-round climate and weather prospects of different regions. The potential magnitude of electricity that a given point can harness can be easily calculated in the software, basing on the weather conditions. Thus, it makes way for more efficient energy conservation. Also, it saves the field level engineers a lot of time and money to identify a problem area. Expanding your solar business in accordance with the prevailing climatic conditions and the demand of solar energy is best done by Quadric.

Quadric For Utilities



It comprises a set of primary requirements that need to be furnished with utmost efficiency, diligence and time effectiveness. From families to large communities, everyone depends on the basic utilities for running their daily lives. Proper dissemination of electricity, gas, water and sewerage thus needs a master manager like Quadric. With real-time data mapping and analysis, track every household and reach out to them via executives. Any major utility fault or pending maintenance issues shall come up in various data mapping techniques, making way for efficient and easy solutions. Utility graphs, upgraded analysis, any tower or water-pipe establishment policy, everything entails smooth operation by Quadric with every nook of your organisational reach at the tips of your fingers.

Quadric For Water and Sewer

Water & Sewer


Water management and sewerage industries have news to cheer about! Now tracking water quality, inspecting hydrants, checking and tracking the status of pipeline maintenance, watersheds .i.e. Managing every aspect of this industry is as clear as crystal now. Forget the long hours of waiting for status reports to arrive and what followed would be a huge jumble of spreadsheets, clipboards and notepads. Now updated information on the status of any particular aspect is easily available without any of the previous hassles. No expensive softwares or deploying of industrial equipments is required for a structured data analysis of your water and sewerage industry. Create maps of progress with any desired plot point and communicate it with your administration in no time.

Quadric For Retail Industry



Retail outlets will save a lot of manpower and management time if they depend on an analytical tool like Quadric. Not only would it generate accurate reports on stock of goods, it would also report on the demand of each product of every brand, as well as report on the consumer base aptly. With essential details of customers taken during billing procedures, a retail store management could accurately identify its consumer base and its distribution and combine it with the statistics of goods sold. This accounts for bringing in more goods and services favourable to the teeming customers. Apart from managing the sale of goods, Quadric can also handle and oversee every operation in the supply chain. The supply chain comprises dealers who are extensively monitored, thus maintaining its efficiency.

Quadric For Food Industry

Food & Beverage


Food and Beverage industries have to prioritize on every aspect of their established organisations to curtail production costs and increase revenues. Today with the rapid increase of supply chains, food and beverage industries’ progress maps are varied and diversified. But with Quadric, mapping the development of food and beverage industries is so easy now! With extensive analysis via various kinds of data mapping, you could track your customer base, your production areas, regulate their efficiency, maintain regular updates on the transportation system in place, meticulously check team performance and so on. Also, this analytical tool verifies how efficient the supply systems are on which you depend everyday, a prerequisite for growth and development in food industry.

Quadric For Banking Services

Banking Services


In banking sectors, use and need of a software like Quadric is increasingly felt. Not only does it have the ability to handle gigantic amounts of data like consumer records, feedbacks, policy data and so on, but it also helps in increasing the customer base. Apart from this, a major advantage of Quadric is its provision of instant solutions with regard to policies, solving queries of interested customers with the help of updated policies in no time. Studying a potential client and deciding on the policy best fit for them makes the banking executives reach out to their consumers better. With updated and required information at hand, thanks to Quadric, all the relevant questions on a banking policy could be easily solved by your executives, leaving no space for doubt in the minds of customers.

Quadric For Business

Business Services


In the arena of all business services, the one most important criteria to success is customer satisfaction and top-class client appeasement. Clients get appeased when their questions are answered, their demands are met without any delay and they are able to witness these changes first-hand. An enhanced analytical tool like Quadric is here to save the day! It not only reduces managerial time, it paves way for efficient problem handling mechanisms. For instance, an executive would save a large amount of time and paperwork if he could upload all the requirements of a client in the software platform in real-time, and administrative decisions are instantly made with respect to them. Management, clients, business solutions and services are harmonised perfectly with Quadric.

Quadric For Real Estate

Real Estate


An extensive analytical tool like Quadric is indispensable for the real estate business. Real estate businesses, housing associates and land dealers have their parcels spread across a country. The days of hiring manpower behind each owned property and handling bulk of paperwork are over. With Quadric manage all your properties, avail every single piece of document associated with them, know their current status with just a few clicks. Also get the most updated statistics and analysis of the real estate market at your fingertips. Your real estate business will become more time-efficient, cost effective and free of unnecessary bulky paperwork with the use of Quadric. Finally, its intelligent suggestions on the potential real estate locations where business will boom in future.

Quadric For Travel Industry

Travel & Recreation


Quadric is here to make your travel and recreation businesses smooth, efficient and accelerate its growth. Travel businesses are a gamut of many other businesses such as real estate, tourism, recreation, hospitality and so on. If the business lacks in any one aspect, its effects can be felt on your entire business module. Thus, to ensure and maintain revenues, Quadric is a wonderful tool at hand. It not only gives you detailed updates about each of your property, it also gives you the entire list of bookings that go on within a specific time period. With demand graphs, study which property house more guests in a year than others and design your business strategy accordingly. Studying customer trends is very crucial to thriving in this business and Quadric is a master at that.

Quadric For Education



Managing Education and its peripheries has become extremely comprehensive and easy to handle with Quadric. Keep updated tallies on how your educational institutions are running, with information from every single area you can think of. Not only updated info and statistics on the development of such spaces, but also on the day to day activities of an educational apparatus. Quadric delves deep into the information behind each staff, educator and student, studying their performances, their educational and financial backgrounds. This meticulous process helps allocate your funds perfectly and judiciously. Any new policy applied by your organisation can be studied, graphed and communicated to the management instantly and it accounts for least error in calculation and approximation.

Quadric For Hospitality



The core of hospitality industry is customer satisfaction. Consumers belonging to a niche market are patrons for hospitality industries and its services. It is a common misconception that only hotels fall under the domain of hospitality. Not just hotels but luxury transportation services like cruise ships, fancy trains, heavily loaded airplane systems, restaurants, cafes and every other branch of comfort. Managing this entire package of luxury is extremely necessary because customers belonging to this market are very brand loyal. They choose a particular brand and expect equal comfort at all fronts. Therefore, for top notch services in every field, providing 24 hours service, checking on the entire chain of entertainment can be ensured by Quadric, always keeping you one step ahead.

Quadric For Government



Perhaps, the largest data repository in any domain is held by the Government of a country. For them, an enhanced analytical software such as Quadric will prove to be indispensable. From creating various kinds of forms, field level data collection, handling of sensitive Government information, administrating infrastructural projects, to checking on grassroot level information, Quadric sees it all. Providing the Government with authentic data analysis is a prerequisite to the overall development of a region, catering to the population at large. With Quadric’s micro-analytical features, it is very easy to locate the deficit in resources in certain areas and reaching them with proper amenities in no time. Quadric saves public money, saves managerial time and promotes good governance.

Quadric For Emergency Management

Emergency Management


Authentic field level real-time data and precise data analysis is one of the most important factors which help emergency aid reach in time. Apart from authentic research, Quadric provides for close geographical monitoring of any disaster, studying and updating every detail about natural calamities. Its premium navigation system fetches the fastest routes to reach disaster sites, and also keep the humanitarian organisations updated with the status of the places. As everything is updated in real-time, it caters to the exact amount of resources required for the affected people. The exact demographics of affected people are easily calculated in Quadric and with its various kinds of data mapping strategies, you could reach out to the distressed population more effectively and efficiently.

Quadric For Health and Medical

Health & Medical


The health and medical organisations are feeling an ever-increasing demand to install versatile software systems that would cater to their patients’ databases, success and failure rates, keep detailed records of all medicines, their demand and supply records, establish health and medical camps in remote spaces etc. With Quadric, maintaining healthcare standards have become significantly easier. It is a repository of the average demographics of your patients. Consequently, you are aware of the diseases affecting an area and treat them in a more systematic manner. During extensive medical surveys and camps, Quadric proves to be a boon. With constant data updating, it will map and organise every patient into various health-level categories, making way for their better treatment.

Quadric For Insurance



Insurance is a transactional business where everyday millions of dollars are transferred from every end. An insurance company is a vast networked space comprising banks, individuals, hospitals, confidential information etc. Managing such an institution involves authentic analysis of background information of clients, large multinationals, newly introduced policies, consumer satisfaction, customer base. Without catering to the aforementioned factors, thriving an insurance business is next to impossible. But deploying Quadric has made all these tasks extremely simple. Based on thorough and scientific analysis, the software will gauge how existing and newly introduced policies are performing in the market, as well as cater to overall team performance of your executives.

Quadric For Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid


Quadric is indispensable for organisations catering to humanitarian aid throughout the country. With the rise of new diseases, we are reeling under severe humanitarian crisis with over 10000 children dying from preventable diseases everyday. Therefore, situating the exact geographical locations of the deceased, the affected and analysing the huge amount of data culminating from that is crucial. Also, the probability and propensity of a disease, its mortality rate in a country and calculating the systematic methods to reach out for aid are equally important for these epidemics to reduce in intensity. Quadric is a wonderful analytical tool that calculates and identifies geographical areas to prevent epidemics and allocate resources congruent with the real-time demands of the hour.

Quadric For Environmental Services

Environmental Services


We are all bound with this environment we thrive in. We owe our lives to this world and your sensitive soul pains to the cater to it as well. With Quadric, you can keep track of your waste products and manage them in accordance with provide statistics. Not only treating your waste products, you could also easily manage resources properly so that the flora and fauna around your established organisation is least affected. One important factor about Quadric is its extensive map analysis through which you can counter and monitor pollution levels, create habitat and species maps, track water quality in and around heavy industries and checking pollutant levels. Keep track and regulate your recycling apparatus very easily with the software, as it constantly updates the recycle and waste statistics.

Quadric For GIS Services

GIS Services


A large array of consumer data is useless without its accurate geographic mapping. Only when data is grouped geographically, do we begin to ponder on its ramifications and the effects it has on our marketing strategies. But GIS field level survey and the consequent research analysis is very expensive. Both the processes requires organisations to hire specialised manpower and equipment. Thus, survey costs reach a fly-high. But with the specialised mobile app of Quadric, conducting all such GIS surveys is not a problem anymore. Road survey, poll survey, point survey, polygon survey, Quadric’s vigorous data mapping is equipped to perform any required survey and provide users with stringent analysis. The software is here to save your time, manpower and equipment costs.

Quadric For Transportation



Technology is rapidly evolving and so is the transportation business. But one major hindering factor for growth in this industry is the cost involved in the process. This software and its exciting features will keep you updated and informed with all facets of your transportation business in real-time. Catering to each factor such as executives’ performance, commodity dispatch efficiency, infrastructure and vehicular conditions, gauging traffic and mileage can be done without deployment of more manpower. Instant decisions are communicated by the software with its various kinds of analytical procedures which promises very close approximations for future plans of development and upscaling your transport industry. Never be left behind in this fast paced world of transport!

Quadric For Agriculture



Strong, authentic data mapping and analysis is a prerequisite to the success of an agricultural industry. Governments or private agricultural firms have in their domain a large variety of crops, fruits and vegetables, each of which demand different forms of care and growth. With Quadric, keeping tabs of growth and progress of each such commodity has become significantly easier. Also, keep track of use of all pesticides along with their success and failure rates. With proper research, the overall agricultural production can be vehemently improved with application of fertilisers which have higher success rates. In addition, constant field level data updation of status of all farms and fields creates a liaison between the management and the on-field supervisors as well as workers.

Quadric For Forestry



Wildlife conservation agencies and non-governmental organisations bent on protecting the sensitive forest ecosystems shall have their work done doubly easy with Quadric. Governmental measures to save our precious wildlife are processed smoothly with this software. A forest is surrounded by many indigenous communities. Forests are regularly encroached by such communities. If a forest area is demarcated properly, any settlement in and around the area can be extensively monitored. That would largely prevent the use of forest lands for agricultural purposes, deforestation and also proper administration over the communities responsible for such acts. Quadric not only accounts for meticulous monitoring, but also protection of sensitive flora, fauna and wildlife ecosystems.

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