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The unique solutions of Quadric Services ensure the value addition to organisations which help in enhancing the company growth and securing the company goals in ways more than one.


Online Reporting Service

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Why taking extra load for designing a professional report for your company?

Quadric comes with a smart reporting tool which requires no complex programming and facilitates on the fly report designing to the end-users. But they often struggle with designing reports, especially when it comes to complex structure, lack of expertise or shortage of time. This is where Quadric Services comes as the ultimate solution. It is highly essential for those who are in dire need of effective reporting services. The support team ensures a professional and dedicated report design, according to the clients’ requirements. The stored report can be easily accessed by the users across the organisation. The pricing of the reporting service is quite flexible – depending on the users’ priorities and the time period of the service.

Online Assistance Service

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Are in need of the uninterrupted execution of operations for your company?

Quadric Services are highly essential for large organisations with abundant employees who are not proficient enough or are struggling to fulfill their regular online tasks. With a dedicated hands-on online assistance, several users can benefit immensely with the customized assistance. The assistance is prompt and effective, ensuring a seamless workflow in the organisations. The direct help rendered to the employees enables the organisation to save time, effort and cost of training new members to learn the new online methods. As a result, the employees soon get accustomed to the system and deliver productive results. The pricing of online assistance service depends on the volume of the users and the tenure of the services.

Online Support Service

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Facing issues in solving the immediate crisis in relation to your operations?

It has often been found that users face different types of issues with the systems of the organisations, which when reported are taken care of by the support team. But that usually involves rigorous processes, with the issue enlisted in the common queue and a ticket generated against the problem. As a result, an urgent issue might take a lot of time before being looked into. With priority support service, users can avoid the hassles of being in the queue, their issues receiving utmost priority for resolving. The dedicated support team ensures that the services are not delayed and as a result, there is no interruption in the workflow. The pricing of online support service depends on the license edition and the tenure of the services.

Onsite Support Service

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Is your problem demanding the dire urgency of on-site assistance service?

In this special category of Quadric service, customers can always seek onsite assistance from the pool of Quadric support to help it’s employees to learn the features and operations within the Quadric platform and perform regular tasks. Customers are entitled to get full Onsite assistance and support in a staff augmentation mode upon suitable terms and conditions during the tenure of the Quadric contract. To get appraised of the terms and conditions, you can reach out to However, if you want to upgrade your existing support contract, please drop an email to mentioning the exact requirements. Our Onsite Support Assistance team will contact you in the provided email or Phone.

Note : All of these services are online remotely based services, with one-time payment option and no auto-renewal process applied. The services can only be purchased by the administrator from the service tab, after signing into the account.

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