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Quadric is a multi-faceted platform that caters to all kinds of business problems with effective solution. Hence, monitoring business activities and its progress facilitates in transforming the business efficiency.


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Core Defining Features of Quadric

The following eminent features hold the very foundation of Quadric. These not only define the core ideas of Quadric but also the principle services that Quadric provides as its speciality.

  • Create Customized Forms
    Create Customized Forms

    Companies face a regular challenge of collecting different sets of data from multiple sources. The form builder creates an easy way for creating customised forms with its smart features like drag and drop, geo-tagging and relational forms.

  • Realtime Data Collection Tool
    Real-time Data Collection

    Without having actual figures in hand the companies often struggle with the decision making. Quadric, a data collection app not only facilitates the real-time field data collection but also from any existing or third party applications or IOT devices.

  • Graphs and Reports Making
    Graphs and Reports

    The companies often go for manual data compilation which results into inauthenticity and inaccuracy. But a data collection app like Quadric is all set to provide you with the authentic graphs and reports through digitally compiled data.

  • Map Based Data Analysis
    Map-based Data Analysis

    Graphs and reports often fail to give the full picture of the process of data analysis. The spatial analysis helps to understand the data from different dimensions with its advance features like thematic, heat-map, buffer, ring analysis and data filters.

  • Task Management
    Efficient Task Management

    The management of field-level and in-house executives is quite tricky. To streamline it, Quadric offers live tracking of the tasks your team members are doing. It helps you keep a tab on the task progress, thus making workflow management simplified.

  • Team Location Tracker
    Track Your Team Location

    The authorities face a series of puzzles when they have to track different teams. With Quadric one can easily avail the features of geo-fencing and live tracking with which it becomes easier to track a single executive or even a team at the same time.

  • Dynamic Workflow Builder
    Build Dynamic Workflows

    The process management issue frequently causes a network of hurdle for the workflows. Quadric here appears as an effective platform for workflow automation and it helps to achieve the organisational efficiency and optimized end.

  • Data Security
    Safe Data Management

    Data breaches and mismanagement often pose the biggest threat to any organisation. Quadric enables easy and secured access to data while maintaining a safety check of the data at the same time. It helps you deliver authentic data to your uses.

Let's Find Out How it Works

How it works : Here's how Quadric can be the ultimate tool to adapt to your requirements with its features and provide you the efficiency that aids the process of digital transformation.

Customized Forms

Build Your Own Forms

Our feature-rich Form Builder, with 20+ field types and geo-tagging, customizable designs, form-to-form and form-to-layer relation, plug-in dictionaries, user specific access, and a simple user interface, allows you to create intuitive and fully functional forms based on your own specific and individual needs.

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Build Dynamic Forms
Automate Your Business Workflow
Automated Workflow

Automate Your Workflow

The advanced features allow you to design your workflow, adapt any desired process by creating different actions, assigning users, set notifications, and perform data filtration. Also, conditional email notification gets triggered from your workflow whenever a record is submitted or updated.

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Spatial Analytics

Perform Map Analysis

This multidimensional feature gives you a hand to create map layers, import and export layer data, execute on-field spatial surveys, manage layer data, apply custom filters, and on the top of these, it offers you the right path to perform an extensive spatial analysis on the very basis of layer and form data.

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Map Data Analysis
Task Tracking
Task Execution

Keep Track of Tasks

Now you can experience a whole new way of task management with the features like ready to go task assignment, accurate user location tracking, monitoring of work progress, analysis of tasks that have already been executed, and it also, effectively takes care of the user performance evaluation.

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Virtual Tracking

Manage Your Workforce

This feature helps to track your mobile workforce by creating custom geo-fences on the map, allocating field executives, monitoring different team activities, locating and contacting particular team members and last but not the least, instant evaluation of the targeted team performance.

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Workforce Management
Administration Management
Core Administration

Manage Your Administration

The easy-to-go administration enables you to manage multiple users, and at the same time it provides user access to different modules, secure form data access, monitor multiple user activities, and it also allows you to create complex MIS reports and share the reports with specific users.

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Set of Potential Features

The below features provide us the quick glance of Quadric's endless potential that helps the in-depth understanding and gives you a clear picture of the services that you are going to avail.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create dynamic forms in no time with the help of various smart controls by the drag and drop feature of the system.

Geo-tagged Video Capture

No more swindling! Know the exact location of your captured videos and make your data analysis the most authentic and accurate.

Work Offline On Field

Online or offline, connectivity does not affect the app performance at all and local backup facilities ensure zero data loss.

Unlimited Forms & Records

Powered with supreme storage facilities, you can create unlimited forms. Also store and organize innumerable number of records.

Bar & QR Code Scanning

Equipped with the latest technology of Bar and QR Code scans, data collection has enhanced and become easier manifold times.

Define Custom Security

Protect your sensitive data with the custom security features and define system access of the users with just a few clicks.

Unlimited Import & Export

The platform facilitates an unlimited and uninterrupted data import and export with zero information loss during data operations.

Custom Data Export Format

Data export features has never been more intelligent! Use the various data export filters to analyze different aspects of your data.

Access To Developer API

Collaborate and establish your resources by connecting to the third party applications with the help of our secured packages.

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We win when our clients win. We breathe in the concept of "partnership beyond contract" and strive to deliver you customer success at every touchpoint. Here's a look at our esteemed clientele.

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