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Adding Flexibility to Your Usage

Quadric comes with a host of interesting add-on packages which lends a valuable and productive touch to every organisation and at the same time ensures long-term growth and efficiency.


Web User Add-ons

Worrying about the limited number of web users within your license edition?

If you are apprehensive of the costs involved for upgrading your license edition for more web users, while contemplating on the important decision for the entire management, then web user add-on package by Quadric is the ultimate solution for you. Focusing on a higher count of active web users, the organisation can easily avail this add-on package along with their license edition in a much more cost-efficient manner. Every web user add-on package comes with a specific number of user access which enables more users to access the system in a hassle-free manner, which leads to effective organisational growth.

Mobile User Add-ons

Need solution concerning the growing count of mobile users in your company?

Quadric here comes to your rescue, as it helps to minimize the company's cost without upgrading the license edition. It enables the organisations to avail active mobile user add-on package along with their license edition. The package allows the company to engage more active mobile users for the assigned work without incurring too much expenses. Every mobile user add-on package comes with a specific number of user access which enables more field level executives to access the system uninterruptedly and eventually that leads to productive results for the organisation.

Database Add-ons

Why bother about the growing data collection within your limited data storage?

If the limited database provided with the license edition of your organisation is almost utilized and you are worried about the upgradation costs, then Quadric has the best option for you. The database add-on package can be easily availed with license edition to ensure a seamless and functional activity of the organisation. The extra database storage provided by the package is highly flexible, when it comes to storing of new and important data. Every database storage add-on package has a specific data storage size which enables the organisation to reserve data in a secured manner.

Media Add-ons

Are you worried about the space shortage for keeping your additional media files?

Be it videos, audios, PDF files or images, the media storage space is required more in abundance than the database storage. If your organisation is finding it difficult to store the media files due to the limited storage space provided by license edition, then the media add-on packages by Quadric are the perfect solution for you. This much needed add-on package is extremely useful, providing sufficient storage space, while storing essential media files. The add-on package has a certain media storage size which allows the organisation to save the media files in an uninterrupted manner.

Note : The add-on packages are equipped with an automatic renewal process, where a monthly recurring expenditure is charged to the organisation. The packages of Quadric can only be purchased by the administrator from the package tab, after signing into the account.

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