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Story Insights

Ever since Bielby collaborated with Quadric, the amount of daily paperwork has crystallized into accessible data sets. This has not only allowed more efficient monitoring of manpower and resources, but also binds the organization into a holistic ecosystem. No more pending construction checklists!

Quadric updates daily managerial reports, works with real-time geo-tagged locations, and readily analyzes inspection reports to keep projects on track. Enormous efficiency meets judicious scrutiny!

The Problem‍

Bielby has spread its extensive civil engineering operations across the giant continent of Australia. Needless to say, this demands top-notch ideation and management of all projects in real-time, daily status reports on progress of every project, and thus, a thoroughly automated streamlined mechanism of operations. It becomes increasingly difficult for our highest-level executives to constantly assess the ground situation on-site and synergise the data to come up with valuable business insights.

Talking about day-to-day micro-inspection of on-site construction progress, it is one of the most important aspects of a successful project. However, as Beilby tracks hundreds of ventures and enterprises parallely, we face technical difficulties in achieving detailed project supervision. This led to a lack of monitoring of daily progress, and checking on regular inspection reports in full detail. This in turn weakened the strong liaison between our administration and regional project managers on ground. But to manage this extensive paraphernalia of operations on a day-to-day basis requires a highly responsive network of readily available data to prevent construction rework.

When we talk about construction, it boils down to the harmony of mortar, steel, and construction equipment. Any extensive casting project therefore contains a long checklist of technical parameters which one always needs to stick to. At Beilby, we have often observed fiascos of large magnitude happening due to the lack of proper dissemination of construction checklists. One tremendous waste of resources is when the redimix vehicles are standing by loaded with mixed cement inside. The cement mix inside has an expiry date of a few hours. This standby points to lack of pre-operation coordination where all the prerequisite conditions have not been met, leading to wastage of time, manpower, and money.

The Solution

Ever since Beilby tied up with the Quadric platform, regional project managers get to update daily progress reports in real-time, informing all the levels of company hierarchy via user-friendly mobile applications. The drastic reduction in paperwork has also led to more organisational synergy since Beilby now focuses on instant critical situation reporting, and a detailed realistic understanding of the current conditions of any given project site.

Talking about project conditions, Beilby teaming up with Quadric works only with real-time geo-tagged information. This is done with the aid of mobile inspection forms. Our regional managers and on-ground project inspectors use the Quadric app for verifying and capturing progress reports. This in turn, enables the instant verification of the survey via the tracked location and time stamps, increasing the overall efficiency in generating outputs.

Finally, we also found a foolproof solution for the recurring issue of prerequisite construction checklists. Quadric comes with a dynamic form builder that enables us to create different kinds of construction checklist forms according to our needs. What’s more, we can also customize the forms to our heart’s content. Once that’s done, simply share it with the concerned persons, and your dynamic checklist for a specific construction site is ready!

Results & Benefits

Now Beilby has instant access to all the critical checkpoints of project completion, thanks to 24/7 support by Quadric. That’s why relaying important progress updates to our clients has become a complete cakewalk! With us, you don’t have to wait even for a moment to find out the exact status of our construction projects. All the newly updated information will be there on the Quadric app whose copies will reach you within seconds. Moreover, with information on all the blockers such as compromising weather or lack of manpower, we can indelibly foresee the future of our projects and plan accordingly!

We are also glad to observe that with the introduction of Quadric in our operational space, productivity has increased about 25% within the first quarter. This is primarily due to the synergy brought across all the levels of organisational hierarchy. Our administration is always prompt to act with the dynamic data of everyday inspection to check on progress. Moreover, Quadric also maintains detailed records of all inspection episodes, proving to be of invaluable worth during audits. Thus, Beilby not only gets in bed with detailed inspection reports, it also focuses on consistent monitoring of regular data availability from the same site.

Also with the customized construction checklists, maintaining streamlined work schedules is not a challenge anymore! Apart from saving enormous funds from operational failures, there is also a high success rate of projects because the quality of mortar does not deplete in the redimix vehicles. After signing up with Quadric, the only unknown factor in delay of streamlining projects remains the weather. We accounted for over 75 % of the streamlined construction checklists and the corresponding workflow to determine this success rate!

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